Journalism Clips


Recent Work:

Freelance work

I currently work as a freelance journalist with bylines in a number of different publications. You can read some of my most popular pieces below. I also run a Medium account that you can read here.

“Chicago Ugly Buildings Tour Is An ‘Educational Roast’ Of Downtown’s Least-Loved Buildings” – Block Club Chicago, August 2021

“Bonus Round Board Game Cafe Welcomes Back Patrons For Inclusive Gaming As Lakeview Reopens” – Block Club Chicago, July 2021

“Witches Are Casting A Spell to Help Democrats Win the 2020 Election” – Medium, Oct 2020


Fandom Forward

I currently volunteer as the Resource Coordinator for Fandom Forward. My team and I write the organization’s resource guides and curriculum for Wizard Activist School. Some of my work for this organization can be found below:

“Yip, yip! How Avatar: The Last Airbender Fans are Helping #StopLine3”

Avatar at Home: A COVID-19 Toolkit

Star Wars Fandom Forward Toolkit

“Thousand Year Old Wars: Steven Universe and Intergenerational Trauma”

“Inara Uses Backpage: Sex Work Representation in Firefly”


Other Work:

Secret Chicago

From 2019-2020, I was the founding editor of Secret Chicago, an online guide to things to do in the windy city. Below are a few of my best-performing articles and you can read all of my articles for this publication here.

“Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Legalization in Illinois”

“The World’s Largest Marvel Exhibit Is Coming To Chicago”

“C2E2: Everything You Need To Know” Sponsored content

“This Chicago Jazz Club Flies You To The Moon With An Immersive Music Experience” Sponsored content

“Here’s How To Have The Ultimate Harry Potter Experience At Home”

“CPS Will Distribute 100,000+ Devices Under New Remote Learning Plan”

Jackalope Magazine

From 2015-2017, I wrote for the student news publication Jackalope Magazine and in 2017 served as its associate editor. Here you will find all of my clips for this magazine. My top articles are also listed below.

“Campus Security”

“Q&A with Felicia Day”

Interview with Mayor Javier Gonzales

“Conflict in the Gender Neutral Hall”

“Midterm Survival Guide”

Hush Comics

I have also written for Hush Comics. Here you can see all of my clips for this publication. My top articles are also listed below. Note: The Hush Comics website is currently under a redesign and some photos may be missing.

“What I Learned Doing Gishwhes”

Parallels in Fandom: Buffy and Addiction

All “Parallel in Fandom” Editorials

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